Top Tips for Off-Roading in the Snow

top tips for a good day off roading in the snow


Prepare Your Lifted Truck for Off-Roading in the Snow

Some people like to put their rigs into storage during the winter months, and some continue off-roading throughout the winter. Winter, snow, and ice can dramatically change terrain and trails. An easy trail during the summer months can become difficult when covered in multiple feet of snow and ice. Likewise, difficult trails may become easy as snow levels out ruts. While it’s fun to get out there and experience a familiar trail when it’s entirely different, it’s important to remember that mistakes, breakdowns, and other issues have higher consequences in the winter.


It’s extremely important that you carry quality recovery gear during the winter months and know how to use it all. Getting stuck during the winter can be disastrous if you can’t get out and are stuck in the cold for an extended period of time. Make sure to carry a shovel, tow hooks, straps, and winches in case you get stuck and need to get out.

Learn to Read the Snow

Learn to tell the difference between the different types of snow on the trails. Each type of snow needs to be traversed differently and has its own issues. What works best is if you go with an experienced winter off-roader the first couple of times and have them explain what to expect out of the different types of snow.

Don’t Spin Your Tires

Spinning your tires a lot can lead to melting the snow, which can cause major issues if you’re stuck, so avoid spinning your tires. Instead, if you feel your tires spinning, ease off and if need be back up a little and then try to move forward.


Wide tires are your friend during winter off-roading months. A wider tire means more area for traction and lowers contact pressure. What’s interesting is your tire needs to off-road in the winter are entirely different than tire needs to drive on roads in the winter. For example, during the winter months you want high contact pressure on your road tires, and low on your off-roading ones.

Weight Matters

The lighter your rig the better during the winter months, you want to stay on top of the snow ideally. Of course, don’t leave behind important things like the winter emergency kit or first aid kit to lighten your vehicle. Those are always worth the weight.

Locking Differentials

Locking differentials are incredibly useful in the snow. Ideally, you’ll have ones that can be turned on and off based on the situation. You’ll find this is well worth the money.

Be Prepared

Make sure you are dressed appropriately and have a fully stocked winter emergency kit in your lifted truck.

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