What you should know before buying a snow plow for your truck

top items to consider before purchasing a snowplow for your lifted truck


Things to Know Before Buying a Snowplow for Your Lifted Truck

Having to clear snow from your driveway during the winter can be a pain, so many truck owners choose to get a snowplow for their trucks. Having a snowplow attached to the front of your truck makes clearing your driveway go much much faster, but before you run out an grab one there are a few things to keep in mind.

Don’t go Cheap

Make sure to purchase a good quality snowplow, which will last you for many years. Check with friends whom already have snowplows for their trucks and see what they recommend or go online and do some research. There are a lot of cheap snowplows for trucks out there, and unfortunately, those will last only a fraction of the time a good quality one will. It’s well worth the additional costs to get a quality one.

What Type do You Need?

Think about what you plan to plow with your newly installed snowplow to discern what type of plow you’ll need. If you plan on plowing large or long spaces such as parking lots and roads, you’ll want a snowplow at least 8 feet in width. If you plan on using it for just your driveway, you can go with a smaller plow.

Straight or V-Plow

Straight plows tend to be a little cheaper and are fine in most cases. V-plows do well with frozen snow, since it can slice into the snow.


If your budget doesn’t allow for you to purchase a new high quality snowplow, you could look into purchasing used one. Many snowplow dealerships sell used snowplows also. Keep in mind, if you go that route be sure to thoroughly inspect the plow before purchase to make sure there are no issues.


Snowplows are made of poly, stainless steel, or mild steel. Poly snowplows are slick, meaning snow tends not to stick to the plow and the material is corrosion and scratch resistant. Stainless steel plows are prone to denting, but looks nice and are resistant to corrosion. Mild steel is the material snowplows have been manufactured with for many years; it’s durable and rigid.


Your snowplow should have a set of high-output lights on them. In most cases, you’ll be plowing in the dark and those lights will be important. You’ll want lights that use a two-piece clamp design to ensure the lights stay in place.

Your Truck

The size of the snowplow you can install will also depend on the size of your truck. The larger the truck the larger the snowplow it can handle. In general, a half ton pickup truck is perfect to handle a snowplow sized for driveways.

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