For the First Time the Range Rover Sport Will offer a Plug-in Hybrid

range rover adds plug-in hybrid starting 2018


Range Rover Rolls out Hybrid Starting With 2019 Model

This week Jaguar Land Rover announced a bunch of updates for the Range Rover Spot, and the most intriguing one is the addition of a plug-in hybrid variant. The hybrid variant is scheduled to come out next year, as part of the 2019 model. This will be the first plug-in hybrid for the brand, so everyone is understandably excited.

The hybrid’s name will be the Range Rover Sport P400e. It will come with a 2.0L turbo charged I-4 engine and have an electric motor with 13.1kWh lithium ion battery. It’s combined power output will be 398 hp and 472 lb-ft.

Pricing for the Range Rover Sport P400e has not been finalized, but we’re expecting pricing to start in the mid $70,000 and top out at over $100,000.

The plug-in hybrid version of the Range Rover will feature two different driving modes depending on whether you want to use both the gas engine and electric motor or just the electric motor.

Parallel Hybrid

The Parallel Hybrid driving mode is the default driving mode for the Range Rover Sport P400e. With the Parallel Hybrid driving mode the vehicle uses both the gas engine and electric motor in conjunction. Within the Parallel Hybrid driving mode you can then choose either to use the SAVE function or use the Predictive Energy Optimization function.

The SAVE function works by preventing the battery’s charge from going below a selected level. While the Predictive Energy Optimization function works by using the vehicle’s built-in GPS altitude data to optimize the battery level throughout the entire route.


The EV drive mode runs the Range Rover entirely on the electric motor and provides up to 31 miles of driving. For most commutes 31 miles covers the daily drive, so this is a great option for commuters.

Range Rover Interior

With many hybrids and plug-in hybrids interior space has to be sacrificed to make room for the battery and motor, but with the Range Rover they do a beautiful job of adding in without taking away. The electric motor is within the transmission and the battery pack is located under the cargo floor at the back of the vehicle. Great news for mudders, the Range Rover P400e offers a 33.5-inch wading depth, matching the wading depth of the rest of the Range Rover Sport family.

Range Rover Sport P400e’s Electric Motor

The electric motor can charge fully overnight and comes equipped with timed charging. Timed charging enables you to be able to delay the lifted SUV from charging until after peak hours.

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