Before you go Off-Road Make Sure to Check This List

top items to look for before off-roading


Pre-Ride Checklist

Now that summer is upon us, it’s the prime time to enjoy the great outdoors and hit some trails. Longer days and warmer weather bring many enthusiasts outdoors. Each time you take your lifted truck out on the trails, start your day by following this easy pre-ride checklist. You don’t want you day getting cut short or ruined by something so simple as forgetting to check your tire pressure.

Check for Leaks

Make sure to check that your lifted truck or Jeep is leaking any fluids. The easiest way to do that is by checking the surface where you parked your truck. If you see any fluids below where you had parked your truck, then that’s a good sign you need to investigate further. Not all leaks will leave a puddle on the ground, so make sure to pop the hood and check your lines. The last thing you want is for your power steering or brakes to go out while mudding.

Top off the fluids

Once you’re dong checking for leaks, top off all the fluids in your truck. It’s important that you keep your lifted truck oiled so everything runs smooth. Don’t forget to check your other fluids too, such as windshield wiper solution and the antifreeze.

Look at Your Tires

Walk around your truck to check the tire pressure and tire tread on each of your tires. Remember to check your spare when you check the rest of your tires.

Make Sure Your Windows Are Clean

Your windows are going to get dirty while off-roading, but you should start with clean windows. Also, you can apply a solution to your windows, such as Rain-X to help with your windows while on the trail. Also, check your windshield wiper blades to make sure those don’t need replacing.


Your brakes are very important for off-roading so it’s good to check your brake pads and shoes to ensure they are in good condition and free from contamination.

Have a Plan

Have a plan put together before you head out. Know your destination and what kind of trail conditions you’ll most likely be experiencing. Also, make sure someone knows where you’re going and when you expect to be back.

A little preparation will go a long way to make your day go smooth and prevent many potential issues. It may feel tedious to complete this checklist before going out each time, but it will help prevent many potential problems from happening while out on the trail.

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