Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area


One of Oregon’s Best Places for Off-Roading

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is located within Siuslaw National Forest. Siuslaw National Forest is also home to Lake Lake Recreation Area. Siuslaw National Forest is located about two and a half hours south of Portland Oregon. The northernmost section of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is considered the most beautiful and is generally the least crowded.

Hours of Operation

Oregon Dunes is open year round and is open from 6 AM to 10 PM daily.


To get to the northernmost section of Oregon Dunes follow the directions below:

• From Florence, Oregon take 101 south to across the bridge
• Approximately six tenths of a mile after the bridge turn right onto S. Jetty Road
• Follow to the main entrance

Vehicles Allowed

Most types of off-road vehicle are permitted at Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and include:

  • Motorcycles

  • ATVs

  • UTVs

  • 4x4s

  • Jeeps

  • Lifted Trucks

  • Dune Buggys

Vehicle Restrictions & Guidelines

Oregon Dunes does not have any vehicle width restrictions, but noise is limited to 93dB. You’re also required to have 8”x12” red or orange flags and a spark arrestor on your vehicle.

Trail Types

The northern section of Oregon Dunes has large sand dunes and, obviously, lots of sand to try your hand at. There also are some forested areas in the northern section of the Oregon Sand Dunes. You won’t find any mud or water, but there are lots of small and large jumps and steep hills.

Costs and Permits

You need to have a permit to off-road at Oregon Dunes, you’ll need an off-highway vehicle permit. If you already have an off-road permit in a different state you might not need to get one specifically for Oregon. Parking at Oregon Dunes is your choice of $5.00 per day, $10.00 for a five day pass, or $35.00 for an annual pass.


Oregon Dunes campsites, but make sure to reserve your spot well in advance since the campgrounds tend to book early.

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