Off-Roading Trails for your Bucket List

uniquely challenging off-road trails


Get Your Bucket List Ready and Add These Off-Roading Trails

We all have that one trail on our bucket list, but here are other trails from around that country that are worth looking into.

The Rubicon Trail

The Rubicon Trail is a 22-mile trail, which runs from Georgetown to Tahoma in California. It’s a rugged trail that takes a couple of days. Don’t expect to go down the Rubicon Trail without getting a few new battle scars on your lifted truck. The Rubicon Trail isn’t for the weary, and, in fact, the Rubicon Trail Foundation has a list of recommended modifications for individuals wishing to take on the trail.

The Dalton Highway

Billed as the most dangerous road in the United States this 414-mile long road goes from Livengood, Alaska to Deadhorse, Alaska. The road was built as a service road for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and is mostly gravel. The lack of cell reception and services are part of the reason it’s so dangerous, but you’ll get to see some of the most amazing wilderness areas left in the United States when traversing the Dalton Highway.

Tennessee to Oregon

The Tennessee to Oregon spanning trail called the Trans-America Trail was initially developed as a coast-to-coast off-road trail for motorcycles, but in 2013 a group of Land Rovers completed the trail showing larger vehicles can do it as well. The trail uses a combination of dirt, forest service, gravel, and jeep roads to make it across the country. If you have the time to spare, the Trans-America Trail is a unique experience.

The Alpine Loops Scenic Byway

The scenic loops tarts in Silverton, Colorado and is recommended only for 4WD vehicles. The trail is 63-miles long and winds through the San Juan Mountains. Plan on taking four to six hours to complete the trail. While on the trail, you’ll see cool features like abandoned minding towns.

Mojave Road

The Majove Road is located in the Majave National Preserve in California. The trail is a 140-mile desert trail and takes two to four days to complete. Expect rough sandy trails combined with mountain crossings on this exciting trail.

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