Choosing the Best Lights for Your Lifted Truck or Jeep

types of off-road lights


Top Off-Roading Lights

The stock lights that come with your lifted truck aren’t always the best for off-roading or even day to day driving, but with so many different options out there, how do you know what is best for your truck? Driving lights? Spot lights? Fog Lights? Light Bars? Where should you start?

Driving Lights

While your truck already comes equipped with driving lights, many off-road enthusiasts choose to add additional driving lights to their truck to use in conjunction with the factory headlights. HID and LED driving lights will just about double the brightness and, length, and spread of the OEM headlights on your truck. When mounted on the bumper or windshield pillars they will have a similar light pattern to the truck’s high beams.

Spot Lights

If you enjoy off-roading in open areas, such as deserts or fields a good quality spot light makes a great investment. Spot lights are the brightest lights you’ll find on the market. They work best when placed high on the lifted truck, such as the roof. If you’re sticking to areas, such as forests, where you can’t see into the distance, then spot lights won’t be as useful.

Fog Lights

Fog lights are designed to help in poor weather conditions. Fog lights are mounted low on the Jeep and emit light below the horizon line. They’re perfect for conditions where visibility is limited like:

• Rain
• Fog
• Snow
• Dust

For enhanced visibility you can even get fog lights are amber colored, which helps to decrease the glare off snow and fog.

Light Bars

Purchasing a quality light bar for your lifted Jeep is not only a great way to increase your visibility while off-roading, but also a fun way to customize your truck. A durable light bar mounted to the top of your truck will make is easier for you to see while off-roading at night. There are many different options, but a quality LED light will make off-roading at night a breeze.

What’s Best for my Truck

Don’t stick to just one type of light for your off-road truck. Different lights work best in different situations, so instaling a combination of different lights on your truck is the best way to go. Keep in mind each state has different laws regarding how many of each type of lights you can install on your truck, so check the laws before purchasing.

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