Where is the Best Place to Mount Lights on an Off-Road Vehicle

best aftermarket light locations


Off-Road Lights

Now that you’ve purchased lights for your off-road lifted truck, it’s time to figure out where to install them. The three main locations to install your new lights are: the A-Pillar, the bumper, or the lower windshield pillars. There are pros and cons to each location and what’s best will depend on the type of light and how you intend to use your truck.

The A-Pillar

The A-Pillar mount is also known as the top mount offers maximum lighting during high-speed off-roading. It’s a great place to mount a spotlight or flood light, but it’s also one of the most difficult spots to mount lights. Don’t worry, the experts at South Sound Trucks are happy to help and have many years of experience installing lights on lifted trucks. One downfall for mounting lights on the A-Pillar is it can increase how much clearance you need when going under things.

The Bumper

Fog lights work best when mounted to the bumper and will increase viewing distance when off-roading in dark areas or during inclement weather. A lot of aftermarket bumpers already have wiring and built-in mounts to make installation easy. Keep in mind lights mounted on the bumper won’t shine in areas your tail lights don’t already reach, they just increase visibility for areas light by your headlights.

Lower Windshield Pillar

When you install lights on your lower windshield pillar, you are mounting lights on the lower corners of your windshields. Some off-road vehicles, such as Jeep Wranglers, you can use existing windshield mounting hardware. One great benefit of installing lights on the lower windshield pillar is you can point the lights out to increase the area your lifted truck illuminates.

No matter what type of lights you get for for your lifted truck, South Sound Trucks can install them for you. With our years of experience South Sound Trucks are the experts at installing aftermarket lights onto off-roading vehicles.

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