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Area’s Best Lifted Jeeps

Before finding South Sound Trucks, many of our customers wonder where they can find the best lifted Jeeps for sale nearby me. Once they find South Sound Trucks at one of our two convenient locations they know the answer. South Sound Trucks selection of used lifted Jeeps is the best in the area. At South Sound Trucks we make sure that every lifted Jeep on our lot is deserving of the South Sound Trucks name and is ready to go the moment you drive it off the lot.

At South Sound Trucks, we like our lifted Jeeps to work hard and play harder, and we make sure that every single lifted Jeep and truck on our lot is ready to do that. Our service department carefully inspects each used Jeep that comes onto our lot. Any lifted Jeeps are inspected to ensure the lift kit was properly installed. Used Jeeps without a lift kit have a high quality lift kit installed by the professional technicians in our service department.

Why Buy a Jeep With a Lift Kit Already Installed?

At South Sound Trucks many people come in wondering if it’s better to purchase a used Jeep with or without a lift kit already installed and we tell them purchasing a used Jeep with a kit installed is by far the simplest choice. By purchasing a Jeep with the lift kit installed you save yourself time, money, and the hassle of doing it on your own.

Our Jeeps come with lift kits already installed by our service department. All technicians in our service department have years of experience and are certified in the work they do. We carefully evaluate each Jeep and decide on the best lift kit for that specific Jeep and then professionally install the lift kit. Our service department handles any potential issues before the lifted Jeep even reaches the sales lot.

Overall purchasing a lifted Jeep from South Sound Trucks will cost you less money. All lifted Jeeps have the cost of the lift kit and lift kit installation already in the purchase price. When you purchase a Jeep and later on install a lift kit you will have to pay out of pocket for any lift kit costs and service fees.

South Sound Trucks Sells the Best Lifted Jeeps

When you’re shopping for a reputable used lifted Jeep dealership, South Sound Trucks is the place to go. Anyone local looking for used lifted Jeeps for sale near me knows to go to South Sound Trucks to purchase their lifted Jeep. We’re not just for locals either; people come from all over the region to browse our lifted Jeep selection. Thanks to our excellent reputation, low prices, friendly service department, and amazing customer service many of our customers return to us time after time for their used lifted Jeep purchases.

South Sound Trucks carries more than just lifted Jeeps. We can even help parents locate affordable first cars for their teens. We carry trucks, SUVs, vans, RVs, diesel trucks, cars, and 4x4s.

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South Sound Trucks has two convenient locations to ensure there is a lifted Jeep nearby you. Stop in at either our Chehalis or Olympia location to test drive your future gently used lifted Jeep today!