Protect Your Truck With Grille Guards, Bull Bars, and Push Bars

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Why Install Grille Guards, Bull Bars, and Push Bars on Your Lifted Truck

Both off-road enthusiasts and other truck owners love to install accessories like grille guards onto their trucks and Jeeps. No only do they help protect the bumper and inner workings of the vehicle, it also adds an aesthetic appeal to your truck. How do you know what type to choose though?

Grille Guards

Grille guards offer the most coverage of all the different types of bumper protection. Full grille guards are also known as brush guards and cover the entire front of your truck. Grille guards do an excellent job protecting the front bumper, grille, and can even protect the headlights. Grille guards are perfect for off-road vehicles since they can protect the lifted truck from collisions with large animals and some stationary objects. Grille guards can even help protect your bumper from dings while parking.

To ensure you purchase the correct grille guard for your lifted truck make sure to work with a certified mechanic, like those at South Sound Trucks. An ill-fitting grille guard could block headlights or compromise airflow. Our service department can make sure you have the correct grille guard, one that will do the job and look great.

Bull Bars

Bull bars focus on protecting the center face and underside of the bumper. A bull bar’s primary purpose is to protect lifted trucks and Jeeps from front and underside impact damage. Bull bars bolt to the front of the off-road truck and help transfer the force of impacts to the trucks structure instead of the body panels. Many bull bars come with holes for lighting drilled into them, making light installation easy.

Push Bars

Push bars cover the center area of the bumper and are designed to be used to gently push another vehicle without damaging your or the other vehicle's bumper. Push bars usually are coated with rubber and curved to help prevent damage. Push bars are common on police vehicles.

South Sound Trucks Installs All These and More!

No matter what kind of truck protection you’re looking for, South Sound Trucks can help you out. Our team regularly install grille guards, bull bars, and push bars on lifted trucks. We can also install front and rear bumper guards to help protect your bumpers from day to day damage.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the online inventory of used trucks in Olympia, then visit South Sound Trucks to test drive the truck of your dreams and find a new weekend warrior to hit the trails with.