Elbe Hills Off-Road Vehicle Area

Elbe Hills Off-Road Vehicle Area


One of Washington State’s Best Places for Off-Roading

Elbe Hills Off-Road Vehicle Park is a small off-roading area managed by the Department of Natural Resources. Elbe Hills is located less than two hours from downtown Seattle, Washington.

Hours of Operation

Elbe Hills Off-Road Vehicle Park is open year round, but there are some trial restrictions during the winter months.


To get to Elbe Hills Off-Road Vehicle Park follow the directions below:

From take WA-706 / Sf 1142 for 11 miles

If you prefer to use a mapping program to navigate to Elbe Hills Off-Road Vehicle Park, click here.

Vehicles Allowed

Most types of off-road vehicle are permitted at Elbe Hills Off-Road Vehicle Park and include:

  • 4x4s

  • Jeeps

  • Lifted Trucks


Elbe Hills ORV Park has approximately 8 miles of trails for 4x4s which are maintained by volunteers. Elbe Hills several great trails to choose from:

Busywild Trail
Busywild Trail is the most known trail at Elbe Hills. It is named after Busy Wild Creek. It’s considered the most difficult trail in the area. The trail has lots of mud, water, and deep ruts.

Sunrise Trail
Sunrise Trail recently underwent some changes which has changed it from a very easy trail to one with some technical obstacles.

Mainline Trail
Mainline Trail is a short trail which can be navigated by most 4x4s. It intersects with some of the other trails in Elbe Hills. The trail can get tricky in parts when covered in mud and you’ll need to pay attention to your lines.

Alder Loop Trail
Most 4x4 trucks can take Alder Loop Trail year round. The trail has a fun mud hole as well.

Mainline Extension Trail
The Mainline Extension Trail is a fun easy trail, which is good for novices. After a good rain the trail can get good and muddy, which ups the excitement.

Gotcha Trail
The Gotcha Trail is one of the longer trails at Elbe Hills Off-Road Vehicle Park. It offers a great view of Mount Rainier. There are a few tight squeezes and stump mazes, but this trail is a lot of fun. Make sure to have a vehicle with a winch if you’re taking this trail on in the wet season.

Rainier Vista Trail
Rainier Vista Trail has a great view of Mount Rainier when you come to the top of hill part way through the trail. Most trucks can navigate this scenic trail.

Costs and Permits

Elbe Hills Off-Road Vehicle Park is free to us.


Elbe Hills has a free campground, but you need to make reservations beforehand. It has 10 tent sites and room for between 10 to 15 RVs. There is no running water or RV facilities, but it does have outhouses, a large shelter, and 2 fire pits.

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