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Are you in need of Diesel truck repair in Olympia, Washington area? South Sound Trucks in the Olympia Auto Mall offers diesel service to a large variety of diesel trucks! We service many different types of engines including Ford Diesels, Chevy Diesels, Dodge Diesels, GMC Diesels, and more! Here are some of the common repairs we can help you fix!

Black smoke coming out of your diesel truck exhaust is a common problem. Some common causes of black smoke coming out of your exhaust include overload, dirty air filter, or a bad spray in which your injection pressure needs to be checked. At South Sound Trucks we can help you determine why black smoke is coming out of your exhaust and how it can be fixed.
If your diesel is making weird noises, it’s important to first figure out where exactly the noise is coming from. Sometimes a noise can appear to be coming from the engine and can actually be coming from another part of the vehicle like the wheels or frame. If your engine is making a weird noise it could potentially be a serious problem. A deep knocking noise is usually a bad sign and could mean you have loose rod bearings. We recommend bringing your diesel truck in for service as soon as possible to determine the cause of the noise.
One of the most common issues we see with diesels and other vehicles in general, is problems with starting the engine. A wide range of issues can contribute to your engine not starting, so sometimes pinpointing the problem can take some trouble shooting. A few different reasons your truck may not be starting is from failure in the fuel system, incomplete combustion, or a leakage in gas valves. At South Sound Trucks we can run tests to help you determine why your diesel truck is having trouble starting.
Does it feel like your truck is underpowered compared to how it used to run? Some trucks can feel underpowered as they get older due to a multitude of issues that build up. Common contributors include bad pressing of the fuel pump, obstruction of the air filter, and fuel system issues.
If your engine stops suddenly, it’s important to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. If your truck stops in a busy intersection or on the freeway, you could find yourself stranded or in danger of causing a wreck. When you bring your diesel truck to South Sound Trucks, we can check for issues in your fuel system, and other areas that might be causing this issue.
A couple other variations in exhaust include white or blue smoke. If you are seeing white smoke there is a good chance that water has been mixed in the diesel fuel. Your tank may need to be cleaned and the filter changed. Blue exhaust from your diesel truck could be caused from a few different issues including machine oil mixed in your cylinder or wear and tear of valve and guide.

Get Diesel Truck Service at South Sound Trucks in Olympia

To schedule Diesel truck service contact South Sound Trucks in Olympia today. We can help you quickly resolve your engine problem and get you back on the road quickly. To schedule, call us today at 360-338-7975 or visit us in person in the Olympia Auto Mall 2015 Southwest Cooper Point Road, Olympia, WA