Christmas Valley Sand Dunes

Christmas Valley Sand Dunes


One of Oregon’s Best Places for Off-Roading

Christmas Valley Sand Dunes is located on the south side of Oregon. It’s almost a five hour drive from Portland and about two hours south of Bend, Oregon. Christmas Valley Dunes not only is surrounded by private lands, but there are restricted areas, such as nearby Fossil Lake which are off-limits. The dunes are mostly ash and pumice that blew into the area 7,000 years ago after Mt. Mazama erupted. Due to this it can get quite dusty.

Hours of Operation

Christmas Valley Sand Dunes are open year round, but it’s important to make sure you stay off of restricted areas.


To get to Christmas Valley Sand Dunes from Bend, Oregon follow the directions below:

• Take highway 20 out of Bend for 47 miles
• Turn onto Frederick Butte Rd and take it to your destination, approximately 37 miles.

If you prefer to use a mapping program to navigate to Christmas Valley Sand Dunes, click here.

Vehicles Allowed

Most off-road vehicles are allowed at Christmas Valley Sand Dunes, such as:

  • Motorcycles

  • ATVs

  • UTVs

  • 4x4s

  • Jeeps

  • Lifted Trucks

  • Dune Buggys

Vehicle Restrictions & Guidelines

There are no width restrictions at Christmas Valley Sand Dunes, but safety flags are required and so are spark arrestors.

Trail Types

The road in and trails aren’t very maintained, but they do provide a lot of fun. Desert off-roading with jumps and steep hills are quite exhilarating. The location is geared more towards beginners, but experienced enthusiasts will still enjoy themselves. The roads tend to be muddy in the spring, but otherwise it’s quite dry and dusty. It’s important to be respectful when riding on private property. In total, Christmas Valley offers 11,000 acres of “open” land for off-road use. Just make sure to keep out of the restricted areas.

Costs and Permits

You’ll need an Oregon off-highway vehicle permit to off-road at Christmas Valley Sand Dunes. There are no other fees required to off-road there.


During the season a couple of latrines are available in the camping areas, but don’t expect them to be there during the winter and spring months. With no other amenities, you’ll need to pack everything in, including water.

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