Why You Should Purchase a Lifted Jeep Instead of a Non-Lifted Jeep

April 27, 2016

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If you Want a Lifted Jeep, Best Leave DIY at Home and go to a Professional

Looking for a new or pre-owned Jeep to buy? Well one major reason that people recommend you buy a lifted jeep instead of a non-lifted one is because there would be too much complications in lifting it yourself after purchase. Unless you are a car mechanic, if you wanted to lift your Jeep manually, there would be several steps that you would need to take in order to make sure that your Jeep is perfect and ready to drive without having any errors or defects.

When one takes a non-lifted jeep and a lift kit, it isn’t as simple as just bolting on the kit, there are also suspension lifts that need to be taken care of. Suspension lifts change the geometry of how the suspension was originally made to work. Doing the lift by yourself instead of buying from a dealer that already has been lifted will require an immense amount of work, often requiring a lot of tweaking. One con that is involved in DIYs is that you would have to do a lot of research on lift kits and how to lift your Jeep. You would have to talk to various people in the communities who all have different opinions on which is the best lift to use.

Lifted Jeeps Kits for Off Roading vs. Streets

Another con would be to consider the driving habits, whether you are driving mostly off road, on the streets, or equally. If you are planning on only driving on the streets, then using a budget lift that is either done by yourself or by a professional will be enough. However, if you plan on driving off-road as well, which is what many people tend to do, a professional is definitely required to install the best lift that can withstand the wear and tear of off road driving.

Sometimes money becomes a problem when you try to buy your own lift kits. Buying your own lift kits would require a pretty high budget. Usually you would need to shell out a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars. Remember that you need to keep track of things such as control arms, longer brake lines, adjustable track bars, slip yoke eliminators, new driveshaft, bigger tires, new wheels, greats, stronger axles, better steering components, and many more will need lots and lots of cash. Make sure that your expectations match the budget that you want to use. The easier track, obviously, would be to go to a dealer like South Sound Trucks who already has lifted Jeeps available and can include the lift in your auto payments.

Lifted Jeeps vs. Non-lifted Jeeps

On the other hand, if you are looking to buy a non-lifted Jeep just to drive a non-lifted Jeep, consider the pros of having a lifted Jeep. Many car owners strive to own a car that they can call their own, something that’s not stock and something that’s customized to their own interests, their own tastes and preferences. Lift kit choices, when done manually have so many options available, including short arm lifts, long arm lifts, coil spacer lifts, body lifts. There are always various upgrades to make your Jeep better and also make your Jeep adaptable to many situations that it faces. Whether you are buying a non-lifted Jeep to lift manually or just to drive a stock vehicle, consider purchasing a lifted Jeep instead, one that has many more options and many more things to allow you, as a driver, to explore.

South Sound Trucks Has the Best Selection of Used Lifted Jeeps in Pacific Northwest

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