What to Consider When Shopping Lifted Trucks for Sale in WA

Oct 12, 2015

Sound Sound Trucks Top Items to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Used Lifted Truck to Buy

Narrow your search for lifted trucks for sale by considering a few key features that can make a truck a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Consider whether you want a Jeep or a truck, diesel or gas, manual or automatic.

Check out our inventory of used cars in Olympia, WA, and then use our truck payment calculator to nail down a budget that works for you.

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Do You Want a Jeep or Truck?

You’re going to have a big, bad ride either way, but there are a few things to consider when choosing either a Jeep or a truck. The first is towing. If you plan to regularly tow anything, especially trailer weights over 1500 pounds, you’ll probably be looking to buy a truck. While Jeep towing capacities can range widely depending on equipment, four-wheel drive lifted trucks for sale typically come with tow ratings comfortably over 4,000 pounds at least, and a well-equipped diesel full-ton truck might be rated at more than six tons!

Jeeps show their strength on the trails. No matter how high you lift your truck, a Jeep is the way you should probably go if you want nearly unlimited off-road potential in the mud, through the snow and over boulders.

Is Gas or Diesel Better for your Needs?

Diesel trucks command a lot of respect. Aside from their reputation for fuel-efficiency, reliability and low-end torque, they just sound like the king of the road. If you’re going to be logging a lot of highway miles or pulling big loads, diesel may very well be the right choice for you.

But don’t count gasoline engines out. Gas engines in Jeeps and trucks provide excellent performance with generally much less weight than a comparable diesel. Some do-it-yourself truckers also prefer gasoline simply because they are more familiar with gasoline engine maintenance and repairs.

Will a Manual or Automatic Transmission be Better for you?

There is no way we can settle this age-old debate here, but there are a couple of things you’ll want to think about. First is that an automatic transmission will usually allow for a higher towing capacity. Many manual transmissions have a tendency to burn through clutch discs and strain internal gear box components when regularly tasked with heavy towing. Ask one of our sales people for more information about choosing a transmission for towing.

Another consideration is fuel efficiency. In the past, manual transmissions allowed for more gear ratios, and therefore more efficient engine speeds, but these days you’ll find six or even nine gears in some truck and Jeep automatic transmissions, making them incredibly efficient.

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