Important Ways to Tell Your Brakes are Going Bad

when to replace your brakes


If you find yourself asking, "Do I need to replace my brakes?" or "Are my brakes bad?" There are a couple of clear signs you should look out for. You never should delay on replacing your brakes both due to safety and because letting the brakes go for too long will lead to more expensive replacements and repairs having to take place.

Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Brakes


If you start noticing the brake pedal feels like it is vibrating when you engage the pedal, then it’s probably time to get your brakes looked at. You may also or instead experience vibrations from your seat or steering wheel when you engage the brakes.

Less Responsive

If it feels like you have to push your brake pedal down more than you used to is another sign it’s time to take your truck in to get the brakes looked at.

Noise When Braking

If you start noticing any sort of noise when you hit the brakes that can be a sign that something is wrong with your brakes, anything from time to replace your brake pads to a loss of brake fluid. When brake pads need to be replaced they made a very distinct screeching noise. Other sounds you may hear are grinding sounds.


If you notice fluids on the ground where you had parked your truck that could be brake fluid. Brake fluid tends to be clear with a slight brown/tan tint to it.

Dash Lights

Many newer cars come with an on-board diagnostic system, so if that says the brakes need to be looked at or an ABS or brakes light appears on the dash, you should take your truck in to get looked at.

Repercussions of Not Getting Brakes Fixed Quickly

If you wait too long to get your brakes looked at a simple brake pad replacement could turn into needing new rotors or calipers. The longer you wait the more expensive the repairs will get because additional parts will need to be replaced, so taking your truck in when you first hear a screeching sound when braking is the best idea.

How Often Should I Get my Brakes Looked at?

A good rule of thumb for the average driver is to get your brakes looked at every six months. You may need to adjust this if you are heavy footed on your pedals or drive significantly more than the average person.

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