New Oregon Cell Phone Laws go into Place October First

Oregon updates cell phone useage laws while driving


No More Phones or Electronic Devices While in the Driver Seat

For our friends to the south in Oregon and Washingtonians visiting Oregon, a new state law passed today prohibits using and even holding cell phones and other electronic devices while driving. The aim of this new law is to decrease distracted drivers and ultimately to make the roads safer.

What is the Current Oregon Law

Currently, under Oregon state laws you are only prohibited from making calls and texting while in the driver seat, but that still leaves a lot of wiggle room to play with your phone and other devices while driving. It’s just as unsafe to watch a video, take a selfie, or check a bank statement while driving as it is to send a text.

What the New Law Entails

Phones have evolved a lot since the past law was enacted, so the new law hopes to close the gap and increase safety while on the road. The new law takes the broader scope of phones into account by prohibiting you from using them at all while driving. Drivers are no longer allowed to use cellphones or other handheld devices while driving. In fact, you’re not even allowed to hold them while behind the wheel.

The law even has specific verbiage to prohibit using devices while temporarily stopped, such as when at a stop light. If you are in a parking spot or safely pulled over on the side of the road you can use devices.

The fines for hefty for the new law, so it’s best to leave your phone put away until you are done driving. The fine for your first offense is up to $1,000, but if your first offense causes as crash the fine is up to $2,500. Your second offense the fine is also up to $2,500.

With such high fines it’s best to leave your phone in the center console starting October 1st. The changes in cell phone laws in Oregon means it’s a great time to purchase a new truck with bluetooth capabilities since you are still allowed to use hands free devices.

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