Post Trail Lifted Truck Maintenance Check

make sure to thoroughly inspect your truck after each time you take it off-roading


Keep Your Lifted Truck Running Great With Our Post Off-Roading Checklist

We’re sure you know, but off-roading can be tough on trucks. Even the most tricked out lifted truck needs to be thoroughly and carefully inspected after each trail day. Trails routinely push trucks to their limits with their many obstacles. And, even if you are just hitting easy scenic fire roads, you need to make sure to look your truck over for any potential issues. The sooner you catch problems, generally the easier and cheaper they are to repair.

We’ve compiled a list of several things you need to get into the habit of routinely doing and looking at after each time you hit the trail.

Clean Your Truck

Mud, dirt, debris, water, and many other things can get into your truck during the course of a day off-roading. Take the time to clean both the exterior and interior of your truck of all debris. This includes under your hood.


You’ll want to do a visual inspection of your tires, including your spare. Look for deep cuts and missing lugs. Check the tightness of your lug nuts and tighten them if needed. You’ll also need to check your tires’ air pressure and then again the next day.

Differential and Transmission Checks

Do a visual inspection of both the differential and transmission for leaks or damage.


Check your shocks, bushings, and mounts for damage


Check to make sure your brake drums don’t have any sand or mud in them. You should also check your brake lines for signs of stress.


You’ll need to jack your truck up to properly check your axles. Do a visual inspection to check for cracks or bends. Then tug on each wheel to make sure they aren’t loose or wobbly.


Start by doing a visual inspection of all suspension parts and look for any issue, such as wear and tear, damage, or pieces rubbing together. Next, you’ll need to get under your truck and check for loose parts and tighten accordingly. The last part of the suspension inspection includes checking the steering box for issues.


Carefully grease any components to ensure proper lubrication.


Do a visual inspection of your truck’s frame, looking for damage or cracks. Places you’ll want to pay particular attention are along the weld lines and in high stress areas.


Take your time and check the belts, hoses, and clamps on your engine for anything that looks worn or is loose.


Check all your fluid levels and refill if needed. You’ll also want to make sure none of your fluids have been contaminated, and if they were, replace the fluids.


Do a visual inspection of your radiator to ensure it didn’t get damaged on the trail. Also check for clogs and leaks.

Hopefully our list helps to give you an idea on what you need to look over after a good day of mudding in your used lifted truck. While it may seem tedious to spend the time checking so many components on your truck after a long day, just imagine how annoying it would be to not find out about an issue until you were miles into a trail and unable to easily fix the issue.

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