Thinking of Installing a Snorkel? Here’s What You Should Know

snorkel allows for water crossings while off roading


What is a Truck Snorkel

A vehicle snorkel is very similar to a snorkel used by a person when swimming, it allows a vehicle to continue to get air to the engine while the vehicle is going through water. A vehicle with a snorkel is easy to spot since the air intake pipe will run up to the top of the vehicle’s roof. The pipe will come out from the front fender or the hood and run along the truck’s frame up to the highest point. It will either have a mushroom intake or a forward-face intake. A snorkel allows vehicles to ford deeper bodies of water than normal. It’s the perfect modification for off-roaders who enjoy river crossings or other bodies of water.

Some snorkels help increase fuel efficiency by pulling in air higher off the ground than normal air intake systems, air which has less particles and contaminants in it. Many snorkels also filter out particles as part of their air intake system.

Other Items Things to Consider When Installing a Snorkel

Installing a snorkel doesn’t mean that your lifted truck will magically become a beast in the water and never have any issues. All a snorkel does is ensure that air continues to reach the engine when the truck is going through water. You’ll need to make sure that all air intake parts in the engine are sealed for the snorkel to work properly.

The interior of the vehicle will not be waterproof, so if you go through deep enough water be prepared to get water inside the cab. Also, none of the electronics or components within the truck come waterproofed, make sure to take the time to seal computers, digital dashboard components, fuse boxes, and interior electronics before trying out your new snorkel. You wouldn’t want to fry your brand new sound system when testing out your snorkel. You also should install ventilation line to the axles and transfer case, you’ll only need about a foot extension.

Snorkel Upkeep

After any outing where you have a deep water crossing you should check the axle and transfer case lubricants to see if they need to be changed. It’s possible for water to leak through oil seals and do damage to the axles and other vehicle mechanics even when properly sealed. If this does occur make sure to change them if needed.

South Sound Truck Knows Truck Snorkels

South Sound Trucks has many trucks on site and can even help you locate a lifted truck with a snorkel if that is what you are looking for. If you see a truck on our lot you like, but it doesn’t have a snorkel, don’t worry we can install one.

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