If You Take Your Truck Off-Roading Here is Some Insurance Information You Should Know.

does my insurance cover me when off-roading


Can Off-Roading Impact my Insurance

Many people when they first get into off-roading mistakenly assume that their current insurance auto policy will cover their lifted truck while off-roading, it does not. Before you go out for the first time you should read the fine point on your insurance policy to see if and what it will cover you when off-road. In most cases, your insurance will not cover anything when you are off-road and in extreme cases taking your truck off-road may be grounds for your insurance policy to drop you entirely.

How to Get Off-Road Insurance

Start off by talking to your insurance agent to see if they offer any sort of off-road insurance. Keep in mind that some insurance companies do not offer any sort of off-road coverage, so you may need to go with a different company to be covered while off-roading. After you purchase your off-road truck and modify it to be what you need, you’ve most likely invested quite a bit of time and money into the truck, so you’ll want to make sure your insurance covers it fully. When getting insurance quotes, always let the agent know you plan to use it off-road that way the agent will be able to steer you towards plans that cover how you use it.

The Finer Points

Having off-road insurance isn’t enough, you need to make sure it is fully covered for all potential situations and issues that may arise. Make sure the insurance has collision protection, bodily injury protection and covers property damage too. If the insurance doesn’t cover all three of those items, then you should continue looking elsewhere.

Off-Road Collision Protection

Collision Protection insures the vehicle against damage while off-roading. When you are off-roading there’s a good chance you may hit items such as trees, stumps, rocks, or other items. Collision Protection is what covers your lifted truck in the event you hit something while off-roading

Bodily Injury Protection

Bodily Injury Protection is what covers people while you are off-roading. This protection will cover any injury to passengers or bystanders when you’re on the trail.

Property Damage

Property Damage Coverage will take care of any damage to buildings, other vehicles or land that may happen.

Agreed Value Policy

If you have done a lot of modifications to your truck, you may want to look into purchasing an agreed value policy. If your truck is totaled and you have an agreed value policy your insurance will pay out based on your vehicle’s Kelley Blue Book value and the cost of the modifications on your truck. Without an agreed value policy, you may only get a portion of your truck's value since the modifications won’t be included.

All four of those items are important to be covered specifically while off-roading since any of the situations mentioned above may happen.

Off-Road Insurance Coverage

Keep in mind that due to the risks associated with off-roading that off-road insurance will be more expensive than on-road insurance, but if you have put the time and money into your truck to make it an off-roading beast, it’s well worth it.

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