How to Tell if a Mechanic is Reputable

locating a reputable mechanic


Off-roading can be rough on trucks so to keep your rig on the road you’ll either need to learn to work on your truck yourself or have a mechanic you can trust. There are many many mechanics and shops out there, so how do you ensure you go to a reputable one? Below is a list of a few things to look for when locating a good mechanic.

Choose a Shop Beforehand

Don’t wait until your truck needs work done to locate a mechanic. If you wait until there is a need, you won’t be able to take your time looking for a shop you feel comfortable with.

Ask for Referrals

Ask other off-roaders who they take their lifted trucks to. If they have someone they trust and are happy with, chances are the mechanic will work out for you too. You should also take a look at online reviews.

Ask What Certifications They Have

At South Sound Trucks all of our service department is highly trained and certified, but that isn’t the cause at all shops. Make it a point to ask what certifications the mechanic and shop carry.


While you want an affordable mechanic, going with the cheapest option isn’t the best policy. They may take shortcuts or use subpar parts. So, don’t make your decision solely off of pricing.


Ask if they offer any warranties for their work. If they don’t offer warranties for anything they do that is a red flag.

Get Estimates

If your regular mechanic doesn’t do the work you need completed or if you don’t have a regular mechanic, get estimates from a couple of different shops. Make sure it’s a written estimate breaking everything down that way you can compare different estimates easily. If one is tacking on costs for items and services that others aren’t that may be doing unnecessary repairs.

Ask Questions

If the mechanic can’t or isn’t willing to explain to you what is wrong with your truck in a way you can understand it then you may want to look elsewhere.

South Sound Trucks Service Department

At South Sound Trucks, our service department is staffed with highly trained, experienced, and certified mechanics and technicians. We’re also highly experienced in dealing with mechanical issues that arise from off-roading. We’re always happy to help, answer questions, and have received many excellent reviews online.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the online inventory of used trucks in Olympia, then visit South Sound Trucks to test drive the truck of your dreams and find a new weekend warrior to hit the trails with.