Is my Lifted Truck Legal in Oregon

Is my lifted truck street legal in Oregon?


Our Handy Guide for Oregon Vehicle Equipment Laws

Last week we reviewed lift laws and vehicle equipment laws in Washington State and this time we will review the laws and restrictions for the nearby state of Oregon. While Washington is very detailed in their vehicle equipment laws, Oregon is pretty laissez faire when it comes to their regulations. Since Oregon is less regulated, it’s a pretty good bet that if it’s street legal in Washington State it will be in Oregon.

Washington Truck Laws

Oregon has very little or no regulation in many of the categories that Washington State and some of the other surrounding states have regulations in, so if you are planning on using your tricked out truck in just Oregon and none of the surrounding states, you’ll have a lot more freedom in modding your truck. The Oregon Revised Statutes is where the regulations Oregon does have are detailed.


While in Washington bumper height restrictions limited how high you could lift your truck, Oregon has no such restrictions. The lack of restrictions opens you up to many additional possibilities.

Max Overall Vehicle Dimensions

Max vehicle dimensions are the same between the two states.

Wide: 102 inches
Tall: 14 feet
Length: 40 feet

Wheel & Tire Restrictions

Oregon has no tire tread depth requirements, but does state tires cannot have any bulges or exposed cords. Tire grooving is not discussed nor or any other regulations regarding tires or wheels.


Oregon is slightly more strict regarding brakes than Washington State since vehicles under 8,000 pounds travelling 20 miles per hour need to be able to stop within 25 feet (Washington State is within 30 feet). Vehicles over 8,000 pounds travelling 20 miles per hour need to be able to stop within 35 feet.


Oregon has no specific suspension restrictions.


In Oregon, frames have no maximum vehicle height limitations, nor do aftermarket and replacement frames need to be certified by the FMVSS. As with Washington, frames can be no lower than the sidewall height of the tires.


Oregon requires you have a minimum of two headlights and two tail lights. While spot lights, fog lights, auxiliary passing lights and auxiliary driving lights are allowed there are no restrictions on the number which are allowed.


There is nothing specific saying if windows are required or not, nor any mention of required safety gear if the vehicle does not have a windshield. The laws do say that all vehicles which have a windshield must have windshield wipers.

Exhaust Systems

You are required to have a muffler, but there are no further restrictions specific to the exhaust system in Oregon for trucks and other vehicles. For truck owners living in the Portland-Metropolitan area and the Medford area, you are required to get an emissions test.

South Sound Trucks Knows Oregon Equipment Laws

While we are located in Washington State, we are close to Oregon, so we keep appraised of Oregon’s vehicle equipment laws as well. Under the current statutes, the laws are more lenient than Washington, so if you are legal in Washington State you should be good to go in Oregon. One important thing to keep in mind is if you live in Oregon, but intend to do your off-roading in Washington, you need to comply with Washington’s vehicle equipment laws or risk being pulled over.

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