Is my Lifted Truck Legal in Idaho

Is my lifted truck street legal in Idaho?


Our Handy Guide for Idaho Vehicle Equipment Laws

Idaho vehicle equipment laws are more lenient than in Washington State, and are about as open as Oregon. Oregon residents will have many options when it comes to modifying their trucks, but will want to check local vehicle equipment laws if they plan on taking their truck mudding out of state.

Idaho Truck Laws

Idaho has many popular spots for off-roading and many of South Sound Trucks great customers enjoy traveling to the state. We’ve chatted with many of our customers when they come in to get aftermarket work done on their trucks that have had questions regarding what’s street legal in Idaho. Idaho details their what is street legal and what isn’t in the Idaho Statutes.


Similar to Washington State, bumpers need to be 4.5 inches tall and there are limitations on a bumpers maximum height based on vehicle weight. Idaho does have a special category for 4x4s under 10,000 pounds, which is helpful for truck owners who wish to install higher lift systems into their off-roading truck.

Vehicle GVWR / Max. Bumper Height
Under 4,501 / Front: 24 inches & Rear: 26 inches
4,501-7,500 / Front: 27 inches & Rear: 29 inches
7,501 and over / Front: 28 inches & Rear: 22 inches
4x4s under 10,000 / Front: 30 inches & Rear: 31 inches

Max Overall Vehicle Dimensions

Max vehicle dimensions are the same between the two states.

Wide: 102 inches
Tall: 14 feet
Length: 45 feet

Wheel & Tire Restrictions

Idaho does not have restrictions regarding tires beyond that all tires must be safe. Wheels also are not restricted in Idaho.


Similar to Washington State, vehicles need brakes on all four wheels and need to be able to stop within 30 feet while traveling at 20 miles per hour.


Idaho’s Idaho Statutes does not cover any restrictions on suspension.


In Idaho a vehicle’s frame can not be lower than the lowest point on a vehicle's wheels, but, again, not really a concern for off-road vehicles.


As with Washington vehicles can have additional lights installed, but you cannot use more than 4 front lights at a time. You are allowed a maximum of 2 spotlights, fog lights, auxiliary passing lights, and auxiliary driving lights. You need a minimum of two headlights and a minimum of one taillight in Idaho.


If your vehicle has a windshield you are required to have windshield wipers in Idaho.

Exhaust Systems

You are required to have a muffler on your truck in Idaho, but cannot install any exhaust cutouts or bypassees. If you reside in Canyon County, Ada County, or the city of Kuna you will need to pass an emissions test.

South Sound Trucks Knows Idaho Equipment Laws

Residents of Idaho will want to check on laws when travelling to other states for off-roading excursions to ensure their truck is street legal. For example when travelling to Washington, truck owners with lift kits putting their truck at the maximum bumper height will have their bumper too high for Washington Statutes.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the online inventory of used trucks in Olympia, then visit South Sound Trucks to test drive the truck of your dreams and find a new weekend warrior to hit the trails with.