Why Should I Get my Lifted Truck Tires Rotated

tires should be rotated every 3000 to 5000 miles


Contrary to what most people think, tires should be rotated around every 5,000 miles. Sadly, the majority of drivers do not get their tires rotated on a regular basis, and many don’t get them rotated at all. When tires aren’t rotated they tend to have shorter lifespans due to irregular wear.

Uneven Tires

When you get your tires rotated on a regular basis it helps to ensure all tires develop similar wear patterns. When your tires do wear differently the more worn tires become a safety hazard and can lead to fishtailing or hydroplaning. No matter whether you have a four wheel drive, all wheel drive, front wheel drive, or rear wheel drive vehicle you need to get your tires rotated.

How Often Do I Need to Get Them Rotated?

You need to have your tires rotated every three to five thousand miles, so for many people, every time they get an oil change. Having your tires rotated when you take your truck in for an oil change is a great habit to get into. Most vehicles have sensors to let you know when you need an oil change, so it’s hard to forget to get your oil changed when a light on your dash goes off.

Your vehicle’s owner manual will have the specific mileage recommended for your truck, so you can go off of that as well.

How are Tires Rotated

Most people elect to have a shop take care of it because to efficiently rotate tires you need to be able to lift the vehicle, but if you prefer to do it yourself how you rotate the ties tends to very based on whether you have four wheel drive or not.

In most situations, rotating the tires from front to back is enough, but when there is irregular wear and tear you may need to rotate the tires across the vehicle. If you do need to rotate the tires across the vehicle make sure to only move on set across and to keep consistent with how to you rotate the tires each time.

Keep in mind, if your car has different sized tires on the front and back you should only rotate the tires across the vehicle and not from front to back.

Proper Tire Maintenance Leads to Longer Tire Life

When you keep up on a regular maintenance schedule for your tires, you’ll find that they last longer and you’ll be a safer driver.

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