How Lifted Trucks Handle in the Snow

April 27, 2016

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Multiple Things Factor into how Lifted Trucks Handle the Snow

Thinking about lifting your truck and are curious about how it will handle in the snow? A lot of people come to South Sound Trucks asking about if a lifted truck handles better or worse in the snow, so we thought we would clear things up for you. Unfortunately, it isn’t a simple “yes" or “no" answer. Many factors will contribute to how your truck performs in both regular and wet conditions. Here is what you need to know to make sure your truck handles the best it can in the snow.

Truck Tires Matter

Many people report that wider tires don’t handle in wet snow as well as thinner tires, however it is reported that they handle well in compacted snow. Either way, if you have wide or narrow tires there are some modifications you can make to ensure your truck handles well. Some people report that siping your tires helps snow performance. “Siping" is the process of cutting small slits across the surface of the tire to help it gain traction on the road. It is a common practice in the Pacific Northwest since we experience wet conditions for most of the year.

4x4 Vs 4x2 Trucks

There is little to no argument among the trucking community that a 4x4 truck handles better in the snow than a 4x2 truck. One of the main reasons a 4x2 truck may handle poorly in the snow is because most 4x2 trucks are rear wheel drive. Along with being rear wheel drive, trucks also don’t have much weight above the rear wheels since the only thing above the wheels is the bed of the truck (which is light weight). To compensate, if you are planning on driving a 4x2 in the snow, you might want to put some heavy weighted objects in the bed of the truck to help weigh it down and give your tires better traction on the road.

Truck Driving Style

Knowing your vehicle and how it handles in rough conditions is the most important thing you can do when driving in the snow. If you are an aggressive drive and don’t follow the rules of the road, than you are more likely to run into issues whether you are driving a lifted truck or a non-lifted truck in the snow. When there is snow on the road, accelerate slowly so you don’t lose traction, drive slower than normal, and take turns cautiously. If you master driving your vehicle in the snow, you will reduce your chances of getting stuck or ending up in a ditch.

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