How to Get your Truck Ready to Trade into a Dealership

best tips to prepare your truck for trade-in


You know you want to get a new truck and you want to use your current car as a trade-in, so what should you do to ensure you put your vehicle’s best foot forward and maximize how much you get on the trade-in?

There are several quick low cost things you can do to help your vehicle get the best trade-in value possible:

Clean your Car Completely

Start by clearing the vehicle of all personal items. You’ll want to vacuum the entire thing. Then wipe down all surfaces. Once that is done wash the exterior and give it a fresh coat of wax. Then, you’ll want to get under the hood and clean there too. The last thing you’ll want to do is clean the trunk and make sure the spare and any tools that should be there are.

Fix What you Can

Check your lights and replace any bulbs that are out. Check the fluid levels and add more if needed. If there are any major issues you can’t fix for yourself, leave them for the deal, but realize that those will lower your car’s worth.

Get Your Paperwork Together

Obviously, you’ll want to take the title with you to the dealership, but that’s not all. Bring along all service records and anything else a potential buyer would like to see. If a dealer sees you have been consistent with regular scheduled maintenance your car will be appraised for more.

Bring all the Gadgets and Gizmos that Came with the Car

Make sure everything for your car is complete. Bring all sets of keys with you. Also if your car has navigation system which came with a DVD or SD card, make sure to bring that along as well. If you don’t won’t consider the navigation complete and it won’t be included in the trade-in value.

Figure Out Your Car’s Estimated Value Yourself

Before going to a dealership, you should do a little research and figure out what your car’s estimated trade-in value is. Without looking that up beforehand, you’ll have no idea whether what the dealership offers you is fair.

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