Leaving Ash on Your Car Can be Damaging

Best way to remove ash from your lifted truck


Cleaning Ash Off the Exterior of Your Car

With all the horrific forest fires raging in the area, it’s not abnormal to wake up to a layer of ash on your truck. You may be tempted to just leave the ash until it rains or to quickly brush it off, but both could lead to damaging your lift truck’s paint job.

Ash when combined with water creates potassium hydroxide, which, in turn, will eat your clear coat if left to sit on the car for too long. But, that doesn’t mean you should just wipe the ash off with a dry cloth because doing that can scratch your paint job.

How to Clean Ash Off

Your best bet is to take your car to professionals and have them clean the truck, but make sure they dry it completely afterwards. If you choose to clean the truck yourself, go to a car wash and make sure it’s entirely dry when you are done. Getting a new paint job is costly, so making sure you get all the ash off and entirely dry the truck is important.

Check Your Filters

Ash can get built up on your filters too, so you should either check those yourself or take them in to get looked at. A filter clogged up with ash will lower your gas mileage and could cause other major issues if not taken care of. Make sure to check that and swap it out if needed. Don’t forget to check your cabin air filter too, the cabin air filter regulates the air you breath.

An easy way to check if you need to replace a filter is to take it out and shake it. If you see dust or debris falling off, it’s time to replace the filter.

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