Off-Road Truck Lift Kit Installation for the DIYers

how to pick out the perfect lift kit for your truck


Interested in Installing Your Own Lift Kit?

If you purchased a truck for off-roading but it didn’t already come with a lift kit installed, installing a lift kit should be high on your list of priorities. A properly installed lift kit will increase your clearance, allow for larger tires, and increase your field of sight. Back in the day truck owners had to get creative and make their own lift kits, but that didn’t always turn out well. Today, with the increase in popularity of off-road activities and off-road vehicles there is a good sized market for lift kits.

South Sound Trucks Professionally Installed Lift Kits

At South Sound Trucks we specialize in selling lifted trucks and installing lift kits. Any truck we sell with a lift kit has been checked to ensure it was a quality installation that is up to our standards or our service department did the installation themselves. We carry more lifted trucks than anyone else in the area and are happy to add lift kits to any vehicle that does not already have one.

Installing a lift kit is a complicated process and requires an extensive assortment of tools. For many the cost of the tools along makes a DIY installation job unreasonably expensive. As part of installing a lift kit you may have to swap out or add any number of other items in your truck, such as:

*shock absorbers
*brake line extensions
*steering extensions
*bumper relocation brackets

It’s important to fully understand what you are getting into when you choose to install a lift kit yourself. You many think it’s the cheaper way to go, but once all the costs and time are tallied up it rarely is.

How to Choose the Correct LIft Kit

If you want to go for it and install your lift kit yourself, it’s important to realize that not all lift kits are the same. What works wonderfully on your friend’s F-150 probably won’t work on your Chevrolet Silverado. Lift kits are so specific that what works for a make one year might not the next. Do your research and find the options for your specific model, make, and year. Once you discover the options, read the reviews and recommendations before deciding on a specific lift kit. Check what kind of materials the lift kit is made from and make sure to go with one that only uses high-quality materials. Stick with well known manufacturers that has a solid history of good products and reviews.

Keep in mind there are different kinds of lift kits too, so you’ll have to decide what type you’ll want based off the type of off-roading you plan to do. If you’re not sure what type of lift kit will be best for your needs or how to choose the specific one, South Sound Trucks is happy to help. We’re the experts at lift kits, so will make sure you get the best possible lift kit for your truck and needs and can install it quickly for you.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the online inventory of used trucks in Olympia, then visit South Sound Trucks to test drive the truck of your dreams and find a new weekend warrior to hit the trails with.