South Sound Trucks is Here to Help you Find the Best Lift Kit for your Truck or Jeep

April 27, 2016

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Trust the Experts at South Sound Trucks to Find the Perfect Lift Kit for your Jeep or Truck

At South Sound Trucks, you will find a variety of different types of lifts on our trucks varying in height and size. Depending on the vehicle, different lifts may be more attractive in style and in their performance. Here are some of the more popular types of truck lifts and some differences between them.

What is a Truck Leveling Kit?

This is the most minor adjustment that can be made to your truck or jeep. It involves a lift on just the front of the vehicle of 1 to 2 inches. By adding a leveling kit to your truck, you can expect a better performance when going off-road and when you are towing. Leveling kits also make it possible to put slightly larger than stock tires on your truck or jeep. With a low starting cost, and an upgrade to your truck’s performance, leveling kits are one of the most popular modifications made to trucks today.

What is a Truck Body Lift?

Unlike the leving kit, a body lift affects the height of both the front and rear end of the vehicle. The amount of lift is normally one to three inches and the suspension is not affected. Trucks with a full body lift can run larger tires than without, a common size of tire on these vehicles is around 33 inches in diameter. Truck body lifts are popular in the pacific northwest because consumers like having the larger tires for off-road use and for muddin’.

How High Can I Lift My Truck?

Once you hit the premium lifts, and full suspension lifts, you can achieve up to 6 inches in front and rear lift. A premium lift system is popular because for many vehicles it will not affect factory warranties, however a full suspension lift will. While a premium lift is usually from 4-5.5 inches of total lift, a full suspension lift kit can raise your vehicle as high as 6 inches. In order to achieve a Full Suspension Lift, there might be some original parts of the truck that need to be replaced (possibly voiding some warranties) however, many people still choose this type of lift because they want to have an off-road beast.

Where to Learn More About Lifts

When you visit us at South Sound Trucks, you will notice that nearly all of our vehicles have some type of lift installed on them. We choose many of our lifts based on style and functionality. To learn more, come and visit us today at our Chehalis or Olympia Auto Mall location!

South Sound Trucks Has the Best Selection of Used Lifted Trucks in Pacific Northwest

So what are you waiting for? Check out the online inventory of used trucks in Olympia and Chehalis, then visit South Sound Trucks to test drive the truck of your dreams and find a new weekend warrior with which to hit the trails.