What are the Most Common Issues From Off-Roading

common off-roading problems for lifted trucks and jeeps


Every type of driving and vehicle use can lead to specific mechanical issues for vehicles, and off-roading is no different. Off-roading puts trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, and other vehicles through the runner and it’s important to keep on top of repairs so you don’t have a breakdown while out off-roading. It’s helpful to know what some of the most common issues can be and what causes them.

Transmission Issues

Constant ups and downs over tough terrain will put a strain on your transmission. Some of this can be alleviated by ensuring you are shifting properly and if you have a manual, not holding the clutch down for extended periods of time to regulate speeds and power. Another thing is to think twice before gunning it up a hill, which puts a lot of strain on your transmission. Try to keep a constant RPM and not spin out your tires.

Alignment Issues

All the rocks, ruts, and uneven terrain make it easy for your alignment to get knocked out of whack. For short periods of time a slight misalignment is okay, but if it’s severe or is left unchecked too long it can lead to more detrimental mechanical issues and you’ll go through tires a lot quicker. Get into the habit of getting your alignment checked on a regular basis to help prevent issues.


It’s easy for tires to have issues while off-roading due to all the rocks, sticks, ruts, and other things you encounter while off-roading. Investing in a good set of off-road tires will help keep your rig up and running, but checking your tires regularly is a good idea as well.


Your undercarriage is exposed to all sorts of potential hazards while off-roading. From dented gas tanks to exhaust pipes getting ripped off there is a lot of potential for damage. More than that you can cause damage to the suspension when it flexes more than it can or ruin the chassis when you take a big hit.

Body Damage

Probably the most common issue that will occur is scrapes, dings, scratches, and dents to the body of your truck. These are a simple inevitability and fixing every minor scratch would be a never ending process. Larger body damage you’ll want to get repaired, especially any that exposes mechanical components.

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