5 Tips for Better Mudding in your Truck

April 27, 2016

South Sound Trucks Top tips for better mudding

Enjoy Mudding Year Round in your Truck or Jeep With South Sound Trucks Tips

Do you live in Washington State and like to take your truck mudding? You are not alone! Mudding and rock crawling are both very popular off-road hobbies here in the pacific northwest. Thanks to our wet climate, we can go mudding here in Washington most of the year. Here are some tips to help make your next mudding trip better than ever.

Have the right Equipment for your Truck

If you are new to mudding, than this is the right section for you. There are multiple things you will want in order to make sure your mudding trip goes smoothly. First of all, you will preferably have a 4x4 vehicle. Some people go mudding in 4x2 vehicles however it increases your chance of getting stuck. If you are mudding in a 4x2 vehicle, it’s a good idea to go with a friend who has a 4x4 in case you do get stuck and need to get pulled out. Also, make sure to bring some tow straps, shovel, hi-lift jack and some smaller pieces of wood to use as a jack base. These will all help you if you get in a sticky situation. If you don’t have a vehicle yet and are looking to buy a 4x4 truck, check out our inventory at South Sound Trucks - lifted 4x4 vehicles is our specialty.

Take Safety Precautions with your Jeep

First of all, never go mudding alone. It’s always smart to take a friend along with you in case something goes wrong. You should also always let a friend (who isn’t joining you) or family member know where you are going, this way if things go south they will know where to find you. Keeping safety supplies in your 4x4 vehicle is always a good choice. Consider stocking your jeep or truck with a jug of water, blanket, flares, fire extinguisher, jumper cables and any other accessory that you think of that could be useful.

When you go mudding, never over do it or get in a situation that you feel is dangerous. The first priority is safety, while having fun comes second.

Do it Legally

Where are you taking your vehicle mudding? Is it on land that you or your family own, or on someone else's land or public property? If you are taking your truck on your family or friend’s property, make sure that they are aware of what you are doing. Mudding can make quite the mess and can destroy grass and other vegetation. Never go mudding on private property that you don’t have permission to be on, first of all this is illegal and it is disrespectful to the property owner. There are plenty of good spots to find for mudding if you search around the mudding communities online you are sure to find a legitimate spot.

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