Truck Bed Liners

Aftermarket truck bedliners


Why Should I Install an Aftermarket Truck Bedliner?

Even if you only use your lifted truck for off-roading an aftermarket truck bedliner can be a godsend. Without a bedliner, your truck bed is vulnerable to dings, scratches, and other damage. If you invest your time and money into assembling the perfect lifted truck for your off-road excursions you’ll want it to last for many years to come, and a truck bedliner will help.

When you off-road you risk kicking up rocks and debris, which may land in your or someone else’s truck. Tree limbs may fall into your truck bed. And, of course, you’ll get those occasional requests from friends and family to help move this or that.

Truck Bedliner Types

There are two main types of truck bedliners, the drop-in bedliner, and the spray-in bedliner. Each comes with their own pros and cons, but whichever type you choose know it will help protect your truck bed from damage and ultimately prolong the life of your truck.

Drop-in Truck Bedliners

Drop-in Bedliners are generally are less expensive than spray-in bedliners, but they are less permanent. Since they are dropped into the truck bed and then bolted into place they can be removed at a future date. You can purchase drop-in bedliners direct from the manufacturer, so you should be able to get the perfect fit for your truck. You can choose how much of the area you want to be covered by a drop-in bedliner, you can cover as little as just the floor of the truck bed or cover the floor and sides. While drop-in bedliners are more durable than spray-in bedliners, they can allow for water to get between the truck bed and the liner, ultimately risking rust.

Spray-in Truck Bedliners

Spray-in truck bed liners are adhered directly to the truck bed by roller, air compressor, or high-pressure machine. Since they are directly attached to the truck bed, water, dirt, or debris can not get between the liner and the truck bed. Most spray-in truck bedliners have a coarse surface which helps stop items in the back from sliding around. Spray-in liners tend to be more expensive and it’s suggested you have an experienced company install the bedliner to ensure it is done correctly.

South Sound Trucks Truck Bedliner Installation

If you still aren’t sure what will be best for your truck, stop by South Sound Trucks and our service department will give you the options best suited for your truck and usage. Our experienced team has installed many spray-in and drop-in truck bedliners over the years. They're able to get your bedliner installed and set up in no time.

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